I love to throw bowls ... I think most potters love to throw bowls. Perhaps it is because it is one of the first forms you learn and there is some fond memory attached to it. Or perhaps it is because you know that by making a bowl you're providing one of the most useful/functional kitchen items that there is. No matter what the reason ... I love to throw bowls!

Here I'll throw a large mixing/salad bowl. Bowls used for mixing/tossing have to be deep so that the contents don't fly out as you prepare the food.

This bowl will be about 12" in diameter and about 6" deep. For a bowl this size I use 5# of clay and for my table ware I always use Laguna B-Mix ...

love those bowls !

I have tried to break the process down to some easy steps. On the followoing pages I have provided a short flash video of each step so that you can see the flow one step at a time. Click on the sequential thumbnails along the bottom to move through the process. The last thumbnail gives you the option to download the entire example as one file.

So ... lets start throwing a large mixing bowl

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