Kiln Log

Third Firing .... June 1st, 2000

Cone Pack









Hours into Firing



Candle over night with propane. All main firebox air holes closed except for space for propane nozzle. Active damper 1/2 open, passive dampers open.


04:00 AM Clear, dry, mid-40's - propane running. Build fire in one air intake main firebox. Turn off propane. Build fire across firebox bed using cedar.


Two loud "pops" from inside kiln. 15 minutes later another loud "pop"


Continue building bed of coals across main firebox floor with cedar. Flame glow visible on first chamber bag wall. Flames even with main firebox side stoke hole.


After a stoke into main firebox air intake flame kissing first chamber grate/inlet. Sparks visible in top peep first chamber (1FT). Hand in second chamber top (2FT) peep nice and warm.


Start to "mud" the doors. Constant fluffing of coals in main firebox.


Finish mud doors (and eat donuts that Beth brought). No color in first chamber.


Start few pieces cedar into main firebox side stoke hole. No color in first chamber.


Alternating stock 2' oak 2x4's onto main firebox grate thru side stoke hole. Good ash existing first chamber peeps when opened just after stoke. Dull red 1FT peep.


1BB peep bright red. 1FB dull red. Stoking only both sides of main firebox now. Close back side air intake to try to even up heat across first chamber side-to-side.


Close passive dampers leaving only one brick open to create more draw across the floor of the kiln. Top pack in loose and flame path tends up not across floor.


Second chamber stoke hole dull red. Closed last opening in passive damper. Agree next time to start with passive totally closed as we end up there anyway.


Start to stoke first chamber stoke hole with cedar.


1FT=09 down, 1BB=09 softening, 1FB=09 standing


1FT=07 down, 1BB=09 down, All standing 1FB. Close both outside air intakes in front of main firebox.


1FT=04 down, 1FB=07 down, 1BB=04 softening.


Change stoke pattern to 2 in first chamber firebox, 1 in main firebox


1FT=9 soft, 1FB=5 down, 1BB=9 soft, 2BB+ 2FT+2BT=09 down, 2FB=07 down


Push damper in 2". 1FT=10 down, 1FB=9 soft, 1BB=9 standing. Close all main firebox air intakes. Start stoking second chamber firebox. Stoke pattern 1 into first chamber, 2 into second chamber, occasional piece into main firebox to keep preheat air.


2BB=04 soft, 2BT=04 down, 2FT=04 soft, 2FB= 04 soft


All peeps second chamber cone 3 is standing


2FT=3 soft, 2FB=3 down, 2BT=3 @ 3 o'clock, 2BB=3 down,1FT= 11 soft,
1FB+1BB=9 soft.


2FT=3 down, 2FB=5 down, 2BT=5 down, 2BB=3 down, 1BB=9 soft, 1FB=9 standing


2FT=5 down, 2FB=9 soft, 2BT=5 down, 2BB=5 down. Start spraying second chamber stoke hole with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and water. We used about three pounds of baking soda mixed into a large pressurized sprayer.


2FT= 5 down, 2FB= 9 soft, 2BT= 5 down, 2BB= 5 down. No change last 1/2 hour.


2FT= 5 down, 2FB= 9 down, 2BT= 9 soft, 2BB= 9 soft. Adding cedar and fir to stoking pattern in second chamber.


2FT= 9 soft, 2FB= 9 down, 2BT= 9 soft, 2BB= 9 soft. Not much movement.


2FT= 9 soft, 2FB= 10 softening, 2BT= 9 soft, 2BB= 9 soft. Not much movement.


2FT= 9 soft, 2FB= 10 soft, 2BT= 9 soft, 2BB= 9 down.


2FT= 9 @ 3 o'clock, 2FB=11 @ 3 o'clock, 2BT=10 soft, 2BB= 10 soft. 1FB=9 soft, 1BB= 9 soft, 1FT=11 soft.

Shut Down

Stop stoking. Let fire burn down for 15 minutes or so. Dip rags into slip bucket and wrap/seal all stoke holes, peeps, air intakes. Say good night ...
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